An Internship is a period of work experience offered by an employer to offer students and graduates exposure to the working environment. Internships are educational and career development opportunities, providing practical experience in a field or discipline. They are structured, short-term, supervised placements often focussed around particular tasks or projects with defined timelines.
One of the most common and biggest issues freshers have to deal with is work experience. In today’s competitive world every employer is looking for the best candidate with work experience. The degree is not good enough for a student to secure a good job. They need industrial experience where internship plays a crucial role. An Internship gives them an opportunity to use their knowledge practically in industries. AICTE has also made 3 internships compulsory for engineering students.
1. Makes you Industry-ready : During an internship. you're employed on real projects , get familiar with the present market trends, sharpen your technical skills , and learn in-demand technical skills. Apart from this, an internship introduces you to the corporate world, teaches you professional ethics and polishes your soft skills like communication and interpersonal skills. With an internship, you'll become a professional way before your graduation which could be helpful for an easy adaptation to the work environment once you join a full-time job.
2. Helps you land a job : An internship experience validates your skill-set and thus , catalyses your hiring process and improves your chances of getting a placement. Also a substantial number of internships accompany a pre-placement offer (PPO) which provides you a chance to prove your abilities and convert your internship into a full-time job. Besides this, internships allow you to make your professional network.
3. Explore your options : Each branch of engineering may be a vast realm of subjects. However, once you are on the job, you're required to figure in specific areas only. For example , if you're a computer engineer , you'll specialize in web development, data analysis, software development or software testing. Internships provide you with the chance to explore different aspects of your branch and assist you choose the best suited field to pursue employment or education in.
4. Better resume : An internship project can always add extra value to your resume. While hiring a fresher from the campus, students with internships will always get a far better score. This may show how sincere you're towards your chosen subject.
5. Desired Placement : With the proper internship, you'll not be dependent upon campus placements for landing a job. you can start applying to the corporate where you would like to work. Some known firms are most preferred by most of the scholars but only a few end up there. You never know internships might be one among the deciding factors .
6. Hands on Experience & Pragmatic Approach : Internships provide a platform to implement practically the concepts studied in textbooks. Practical knowledge is anyday preferable over theoritical knowledge.
7. Enhance your confidence : You may be ready to understand many concepts thoroughly with the assistance of your internship only. the sensible exposure you get in an internship is good enough to spice up your confidence. As a result , you would possibly be ready to face any interview panel with ease.